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Advantage Streamline

Streamline Studios is a video game developer and leading provider of outsourced production services to the advertising, film and games industries. The studio’s DNA stems from producing content for global brands & entertainment franchises including Coca-Cola, Gears of War & James Cameron’s Avatar.

We speak your language… and eleven others. The most important factor in successful art outsourcing is communication. We believe it so much we relocated our management team from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Translation is never an issue, because translation is never required.

No Time Zone zone out. We offer a blend of experienced management and talented artists with offices on three continents. Offices in multiple time zones means your art director doesn’t need to zone out on 3AM calls.

Are you experienced? We’re on-site and in control to insure your project is delivered on budget with game ready content. Our Streamline team of veterans shaped the techniques of successful outsourcing.

Art Lust! It’s not just art, it’s art and tech getting into bed together. It’s beautifully, balanced, functioning content. We nurture our talented artists through all levels of the production.

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